Login unauthorized bug

There doesn’t seem to be a bug tracking system. If there is, let me know, otherwise, I’ll just post things as discussions until I’m told otherwise.

When you log in with a bad user/pass, XMPPConnection isn’t catching the IQ error coming back.

In the method handleIQ, I’ve changed the following code:

if( iq.type == IQ.ERROR_TYPE && !pendingIQs[iq.id]) {
dispatchError( iq.errorCondition, iq.errorMessage, iq.errorType, iq.errorCode );


if( iq.type == IQ.ERROR_TYPE) {
pendingIQs[iq.id] = null;
dispatchError( iq.errorCondition, iq.errorMessage, iq.errorType, iq.errorCode );

I may be misunderstanding something with how the pendingIQs hash works, but I know that the part && !pendingIQs[iq.id] was preventing the login unauthorized error from being triggered.


There is a bug tracking system: http://www.igniterealtime.org/issues/secure/Dashboard.jspa (you can find XIFF project there)

But only developers and few community members can open issues there.

It’s ok for common members to report bugs in forums. Then developers file them in JIRA.

Well, there are only 7 bugs listed in JIRA for XIFF now, but as far as i know, XIFF source code was heavily changed (as a codebase of SparkWeb) in svn, so bug tracking system maybe is not reflecting the real picture.

Are you using the XIFF 3 beta? I thought I fixed this bug in trunk.

Yes, I have XIFF 3.0.0-beta1, the download on the site. Is there a more recent version available?

Not as a download, but you can check out current trunk using svn.

I only see public svn access for: Openfire Spark SparkWeb Smack Whack Asterisk-IM



Try now, Daniel just updated that list.