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Login Without Presence?


First of all, many thanks for putting the Smack library together; I’'m writing a small Jabber utility for Mac OS X, and find the API quite easy to use.

It would be nice, however, to have the ability to log in to a server without automatically updating the user’'s presence and retrieving the roster. In my particular case, I would like to be able to do things like service discovery without making the user visible to others, since my utility is not actually a full-fledged client.

The only previous post I could find on this topic is this:


I had already tried the same quick hack (subclassing XMPPConnection), and quickly discovered that several variables are marked private. I’‘d prefer to use an unmodified Smack distribution anyway, but I can’'t see any way around modifying the class itself for now.

Can anybody suggest a better solution? (I’'m all ears!)

(If I may make a feature request here, I imagine there could be a new login() method that also accepts a boolean that determines whether it will automatically fetch the roster and post presence, and that the existing ones could simply call this one internally.)


Thanks for the feedback. I added a comment to SMACK-52 – an extra connect method should do what you’‘re looking for. We’'ll try to get this into the next release.




Thanks. I’'ll look for it in the next release.