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Logs and linefeeds

I’ve been losing a lot of conversation history due what appears to be line truncation.

I’m using Windows 2.5.8 on XP, and when I look at the transcript logs, the tags are now all on one line, versus originally being one tag per line in previous versions. What ends up happening is after X amount of characters, the line becomes ‘too long’ and I lose the rest of the line.

Since everything is being written as one line anyway, this could be an arbitrary amount of stuff.

The resulting XML file has errors generally due to tag truncation or tag mismatches (if you lose stuff inbetween say, <body> and say, </date>.

The ‘View Contact History’ shows only the history up to the first error. I’ve been shutting down Spark and manually repairing the xml files to get the rest of it to view. That’s annoying to say the least - one xml file had more than a hundred tags to repair/sync up.