"Look and Feel" customization on the Mac

I was able to also create an .app file with install4j for running Spark on my Mac. The rest of the office uses Windows, so it is just me on the Mac.

I noticed that when previously using Spark for OS X, when a new message would arrive, the icon in the dock would bounce along with a number added to it. I had replaced the message.icns file in src\resource\image directory because I realized it would load the Spark icon instead of the desired icon.

With this icon in place, the dock jcon no longer bounces on a new message. Does anyone have any tips on how to get that work again?



I would also like to add a wide array of things that do not work when obtaining the src files via Eclipse according to the instructions on this page: http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/docs/DOC-1360

• The icon will not bounce along with the messages waiting number

• History does not work

• The menubar icon does not work

• Growl does not register

I know that when I look at the src files that Eclipse downloads, there are x’s by many of these features. How would I obtain the proper files to do this with? I would really like to use the one we have branded and for any future users of OS X at our office.

You could download the standard install of the mac client. Once installed on the mac you can right click on the application and choose show package contents. This will get you to the resources of the application to replace the graphics you would like to replace. This is a function of 10.4.x of OS X. It is a bit more complicated on OS X 10.5.x.

It is not graphics that I need, it is functionality of these plugins. The graphics are not missing, the java plugins are simply not there. When I downloaded the src code via Eclipse according to the document instructions I specified before, I get little error msgs next to many of the Apple components, I’ve attached screenshots.

I am not sure why these do not download.

I figured since you were build you own version of Spark from the source you were modifying graphics or something in the source. Otherwise they have a fully built version of the mac client on the site to download.

I am creating my own build, I am trying to brand it with our name and logo. I have replaced the graphics, they work fine.

The problem is the features that do not work.

On the official Mac build, features like a bounce dock icon on new message receipt, changing menubar icon on message receipt and growl notifications all work.

On my build, they do not. And it seems when I retrieve the files via SVN, they do not download like in the two screenshots I showed earlier.