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Looking for a openfire / smack / xmppframework contractor


We have a mobile app that has a chat mechanism using openfire to allow users to chat. We use openfire, xmppframework on iOS, and smack on Android. About 150,000 messages are currently being sent weekly. However, we’re finding a lot of complaints with missing messages and need help getting our implementation to be more error-resistant. We’ve added our own implementations on top of openfire such as push notifications, and need that reviewed, and also probably need to implement xep-0184 and xep-0198 to really get this to be production ready and able to be used in a mobile environment.

Does anybody have experience in these areas? We’re willing and able to pay market rates for a developer/contractor to help us in this endeavor. Experience with testing/automation testing/stress testing the system is also a plus.

If you’re able to create a real production-ready messaging system for us, a full time job as a lead architect would probably be offered as well

Please message me if you have interest.