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Looking for freelance developer capable of working on fastpath

Greetings all,

We have been using fastpath now for about 5 years and have been mostly happy with it. We originally started using it when it was a paid product and were happy to pay for it then and have continued happily using it since it was open sourced.

The problem we have encountered is that since being spun off into open source we have a few issues with the product that we have no resolution for, and nobody to appeal to to correct them, so I am hoping for an appeal to the community to generate some leads.

If you are a developer or contract development shop capable of tackling this project, and are interested, please let me know so we can have a discussion off-line.



I would advise that you make the issues available publicly or provide links to them if they have already been discussed and documented here and let us see what we can do. As you know, nobody has responsibility for Fastpath development. I don’t think there is an active Jira for Fastpath.

If you still want it handled as a private job, send me a private message. I know a few people with the skills and experience.

So in order of importance:

1: The fastpath queueing mechanism seems broken, in that a chat will enter the queue and will be offered to some agents and not others, at first we suspected it was based on the number of chats agents were currently on, but we were able to dismiss that. The only way we can consistently assure chats are offered to agents is to have them log out of fastpath and back in several times a day. This seems to reset their weight in the queueing algorithm. I have seen a few other users complain of this here on the forum but no answers have been offered.

2: Fastpash chats occasionally are not offered to any agents. This may be an extension of the 1st one but is worth mentioning in isolation. We have recorded incidents where a customer will be presented with being number 1 in queue, and will remain in this state indefinitely despite other customers being offered to agents.

3: This is more of a feature request, but we would like visibility into the fastpath queue itself so we can see who is presently waiting and cherry pick if need be.

I think if we can fix/understand the queuing mechanism and ensure that all customers actually are getting to an agent that would soothe 99% of our pain points.

Thanks for your feedback. It is very much appreciated. I will take a look as I am currently adding webrtc voice to Fastpath on a customer project. I agree that visiblity of the queue will help to debug the root problem. I might tackle that first.

I would like to bring these back up. We are still interested in looking for a developer that might want to engage with us to fix these problems.

If anyone is interested in taking on this project please let me know so we can take the discussion off-line

There is no separate category for Fastpath in Jira, but in past many tickets were filed for ENT and some for SPARK and OF. This is an old and not updated in 3 years doc, but it has a list of some issues, which can still be there http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1876

I did work on a customer project using Fastpath, but the project got suspended. We did not make any server-side changes to the Fastpath plugin itself. We did not get that far. All effort was concentrated on custom web clients for both the web site visitor and agent.

The project might resume later on this year and I do intend to fix Fastpath, but that might be too late for you.

You have had this work done?

What we would like to see is that fastpath groups are read from ldap

I cannot use Firefox here, maybe check if this site is working with addblockers etc etc.

It works fine with Firefox, but first messages by new users are moderated (protection from spammers).

Ryan, s message was 3 years ago. I doubt you will get any answer. Fastpath is practically a dead project, so i wouldn’t hope for your request fulfilled.

You can get your fastpaths groups to be read from ldap. Map your fastpath workgroups one-to-one with Openfire groups

Hello Dele,

We are also looking for someone who can help us with Fastpath webchat or Fastpath in general. We would like to offer our customers the possibility to share their files with our operators in order to improve support speed and efficiency. If there is someone who can help us or is interested in this please drop me a line here.


We currently Use Openfire + Spark client (our internal operators) + Fastpath and integrated this on our website to offer customer support chat.

What we miss and need:

  • file sharing feature
  • sound or visible alerts for customers in case our support operator send them an answer (while customers are surfing on other pages on our website)

Thanks a lot,


Hi Daniel,

I replied by email, but not sure If you got it. The company I work for develops openfire plugins and does professional services. They might be interested, but could could you provide more details of your company. Thanks

Hi Dele,

Unfortunately, I haven’t received your reply via e-mail. Sure should we further discuss this via Skype or private email?



sure. email me privately with dele(at)traderlynk.com