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I’'m looking for someone to install the pyAIM, pyMSN, Yahoo & ICQ transports to the Jive Server I have currently installed. I have Jive currently running no prob, and have installed Python & Twisted. I have also added python to my PATH variable. For some reason I cannot seem to get these transports to work. Please e-mail me with a cost for installing and time frame. I would like to get it up and running in the next few days or so.

Thanks to anyone that can help.


I’‘ve installed pyMSN with no problem. The 0.10rc3 seems to works fine on my linux box. If you’'re on Linux, the http://msn-transport.jabberstudio.org/docs/server.html documentation should be sufficient, and you should check if your JM server accept incoming components, the port (the defaut in config-example.xml of pyMSN is for ejabber, the port for JM is 10015, and check the password).


Unfortunatly I’‘m on a Win2K box due to other software. The MSN one is the one I really need. I’'m setting this up for my family and need to see how it is configured before I duplicate it over to another domain.

If you can help please let me know.

Can’‘t help you, I’'m really (really) unfamiliar with Windows… Sorry.


Maybe I can help.

I’‘m also on a win2k box and it’'s working for me. Jive Messenger & Pymsnt (MSN).

What do you want to know?

What did you tried? Where did you get stuck?

I’‘m getting stuck with python. I’'ve never dealt with python before and having issues understand how this is triggering the connection.

For example, I have the pyAIM extracted into a aim directory in my root drive. I launch cmd and run python c:\aim\src\main.py

Nothing happens, it goes to another command line. Python has been added to my path btw. I also see that it has generated new files. I have this set up through my domain name goandflex.com. I have added a sub-domain of msn.goandflex.com and aol.goandflex.com

I’'m probably missing a really simple step. Thanks for the help.

  • Conrad

Do you have all the pre-reqs installed?

Python, Twisted, PyOpenSSL

There is another thread here somewhere about 1 month or two back of another fellow who was working on PyMSN on windows. there is a link in that thread that you will need for the more recent version of PyOpenSSL and anything else. I think there was a PyCrypto required as well.

Try Here - http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=101836

and here - http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?messageID=101219



Ok, I’'ve been at this for hours again. Can I please just pay someone to use radmin to login into my server and set this up with MSN, AIM, Yahoo and ICQ??? I have set up the DNS records, I have installed Python, Twisted, and PyOpenSSL. I cannot get this to work!!!

Please, I want to get this rolling for my family, and a good install I’'m willing to pay for!

  • Conrad


Hey Conrad,

You can search in the forums for previous experiences and how-to for installing Py* gateways. I remember that with PyAIM and PyICQ we had to comment out a couple of lines in main.py to make it work under windows.

These are the lines that you will have to comment out:

#print(“Test startup %s” % (exe))

#if (exe.find(“python”) >= 0):

os.execv(exe, [name, sys.argv[0]]+sys.argv[1:])


Hope that helps,


– Gato


I remember I had some difficulties installing the python transports initially as well. Through some reading of other posts and with some trial and errors I was able to figure it out.

I understand the frustration because now I’‘m having some difficulties with the Yahoo Transport, but i’‘m sure it’‘s just something simple that i’'m over looking.

With regards to MSN transport,

make sure your JID is msn.yourdomain.com

also add the MSN dns host entry for yourdomain.com to point to the IP address of the Jive Server.

confirm your using the right port and have enabled the subdomain and secret password in the external component settings in Jive.

Also, try to run python from the directory where your main.py file is located.

Instead of python c:\aim\src\main.py change your path to c:\aim\src\main.py

And run python main.py (make sure python directory has been added to your path).

Let me know how it goes.