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Looking for Recording of Vedio & Audio Chats Facility in Redfire

Hi Dele, We have been able to configure RedFire with Openfire. Audio and video chats works great. We are not able to find out how to record all the audio and video chats. Kindly Let us know how to configure redfire so as to start recording all the audio and video chats.

Also Configured Offmmet. Even thought recording and all is working fine in that. But This does not work with without a Webcam Attached. Tries changing the resolution and all but not able to get it working without a webcam.

Kindly Suggest a solution.

hi I have the same question, I wanna develope an iphone APP chat, which should support group chat with voice, here is how I want it to work:

  1. User A sends a voice message. And all users in the room can click on it and listen, even after a few hours of the recording.

  2. User B later joins in the room, and still able to listen to the voice message.

Does this how RedFire work? I have not installed the plugin.