Looking for solutions of developing a web-based client supporting audio

do you have any idea about the solution of developing a web-based client that supports audio or/and vedio chat?

Do you think it is possible to make a web-based client for audio chatting?

Hi smarthunter,

Given enough time and money anything is possible.

It depends what you would consider to be a web-based client. Currently, I don’‘t believe there is a way to do sort of thing with a pure html/javascript client which means you’'d have to write a client that in some way uses either flash or an applet.

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as Ryan said it is not possible with HTML/JS but if you can accept a WebStart client as WebClient this should be possible.

Receiving audio (and video) using the Windows Media Player within a browser should be very easy, but I’'m not aware of active-x components which offer audio/video capture.

Flash offers afaik audio/video capure anyhow, so this could be an option.

Where do you want to use it? On mobile phones? So you may want to use Java but I have no idea if there is a JMF for mobile phones available.



I am used active-x implement audio/video capure for web client, but receiving audio (and video) using the Windows Media Player within a browser ,results will be very good voice?

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Hi Zhuam,

the quality depends on the codec and the available bandwidth. The problem may be the delay of 2-3 seconds in every direction for audio, also in a LAN. And the active-x solution will likely have nothing to do with XMPP.