Looking for some simple instructions for Public IM connectivity

We are running OpenFire 3.6.2 and Spark 2.6.0 Beta 2.

Internally everything works great. We have a need for some people to use the Public IM networks and here are my questions:

I know that you have to login to each IM network that you want to IM (MSN, Yahoo, AOL, etc). The icon is greyed out and is colored when the login is successful

If you want to add contacts for

  • What is the template for entering in a contact for the username? Do we add the @msn.com or @hotmail.com or @yahoo.com or just the userID





Does the person you added need to have the IM client for the respectice IM network open to show online or do they simply just need to be logged into the mail account.

We are just having some issues with getting people set up with contacts on Public IM networks…any docs would be most appreciated…

I would really like a process on how to login to the Public IM networks (including the format that is required to login – with without @publicim.com )

I would then like the template to add contacts to each of these networks so I can pass that on to some others (I knwo that you have to check the Public IM box and choose the network, but not sure if you need @publicimnetwork.com when adding a contact or the userid only).

Does the recipient need to accept anything before you see thier status?

It is fairly simple:

Each unique service has its own default group name for the Contacts it presents in the roster (AIM uses buddies, Yahoo is friends).I create these groups in my roster in spark first. Then you need to do these steps to add contacts





I understand that aspect, but If I have one client that is on Hotmail and one that is using msn.com and another that uses live.com, how do I add them as contacts…use the full email address?

that is entirely dependent on the service they are members of. for instance my msn one is like this johnd@domain.com, my yahoo is johnd, my gtalk is john.doe, and my AIM one is johnd9079.

I think I figured it out. To get the contacts to be added properly

Yahoo you can enter just your userid (without the @yahoo.com)

MSN you need to enter your FULL email address

AOL needs the full email addres

Gtalk needs the full email address

I did notice that I need to log out and back in before the contacts appear many times…

Thanks Todd

Your solution is not a universal answer. It is entirely dependent on the users account with each service. My senerio was different that yours. also any contacts added directly into AIM, Yahoo, etc, using their clients will show automatically in spark.