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Looking to hire MS AD LDAP expert for configuration creation

Hey, hi, all,

Hope all are healthy, wealthy, wise.

Basically, here is the situation, we have a fantastic & perfectly working install of openFire v.3.6.4 on centOS 5.4.0 as well as a Windows box with AD on it that we use for SSO via LDAP for about a dozen application very well. We have tried to get LDAP (& SSO) working for jabber but just cant quite get it. We have one potential interesting item, we use one string for login name & but want to use use first name (or nickname or alias or other or etc) for the jabber handle (ie: left of @ symbol). I know this is possible & I was almost on it but it didn’t work. We have a security group inside AD that we would like to use if possible for those who are allowed to use jabber server, but we might abandon that & just say any one who has a Windows account can use jabber server. Pretty straight forward. Maybe groups one day in the future but for now, very simple.

Please forgive me if this is not polite, professional, tactful, appropriate to post this here. I certainly love this forum & have used it a lot (and even try to contribute when I know the answer) and I would never want to devalue it. If so, I will remove this post. I dont want to create a thread with a bunch of posts that arent helpful to the greater community. Perhaps if there is someone out there who wants to sell an hour of their expertise or their existing working configuration & they see tis post, they can contact me privately.

Thanks all so much.

Jason Sjöbeck

Portland, Oregon