Loosing room perms on server reboot/Services not listed in Spark conf tab


We run OF 3.6.3 on Windows againt MySql. We recently implemented group chat services to make it easier for users to find chat rooms.

Two issues:

  1. From time to time, the server starts to become unresponsive. CPU is pegged at 100% and memory utinization is high. Java memory gets to 95% and the only option is to reboot the server.Once rebooted, OF comes back up fine but the room permissions (room owner info) is lost!

  2. Starting yesterday PM, the Spark 2.5.8 client stopped listing the services in the conference tab. Users can add the conf service manually and then join rooms, but need to know the right name of the service.

We are running it on a VMware ESX server with 1 CPU and 2 GB RAM. Java memory is set to 1.5 MB.

Thanks in advance.


Dumping up as I could really use some help, especially with #1. Why would the rooms loose theri perms after a reboot??

Have you read the Announcement above the forum about memory problems? Maybe it’s related

Announcement: Suffering from memory-related issues in Openfire 3.6.4? Read this!
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Openfires up to and including version 3.6.4 suffer from a memory leak in its PEP component. If your Openfire domain is crashing with OutOfMemoryExceptions, you might be having this problem.

As a workaround, you can disable PEP, by setting the Openfire property xmpp.pep.enabled to false.

More information can be found in this discussion: Openfire 3.6.4 memory leak with Empathy