Losing connection with 2 lan cards


I have recently installed Openfire and it works fine.

But, on the same pc (running XP) I have recently installed a second LAN, which makes a second internet connection via USB 3G modem.

so, the setup is as follows:

internet connection>router>>XP machine (running openfire server) on Lancard 1

USB Modem (on the same PC>connecting via Lancard 2 (installed on the same PC)>router

Basically we have 2 internet connection i the office, so, this PC serves as a gateway to the second internet (backup) connection.

whenever the 3G modem dials-up and connects to the internet via second lancard, the clients (Spark) loose connection to openfire server. but as soon as I manually disconnect the 3G USB connection, the clients then normally connect to the openfire server.

Is there a way to specify in Openfire a connection, so that openfire only uses Lan connection 1 and not uses any other connection?

I am not an IT specialist, so I would be grateful if you could help me in fuguring this out.


Have no solution for you. I have posted about a similar issue and got no answer. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/34775?tstart=30

I just saw your thread, and it’s a similar problem with me.

Anyone has any solution yet?

well, I tried nearly everything but still no luck.

I changed xp connection binding, and prioritised the one which connects Openfire to the internet, but still nothing.

I added openfire server IP address in the openfire.xml file, but again no luck.

I also added in web administration panel, under server manager>system properties a value - network.interface - with the openfire server IP, but still…

I noticed, that when I changed the openfire.xml file and inserted the IP address, it changed all IP addresses for under server ports in administration interface, except for the top two ones - client to server (5222) and client to server (5223) where it still writes the coputer name instead of IP address. So that might be the case?

how would I change these values to Openfire server IP address instead of computer name?

Hey. Thanks for the hint. It seems i was able to solve my problem by editing the openfire.xml as you did. And in my case my IP is shown near all ports.