Lost Admin Password

So I went to log into the admin interface a year after installing and discovered that either the password I have doesn’t work or I wrote it down wrong in the first place. I know there are about 1000 of these post by now but I haven’t found one that tells me how to fix the issue with an embedded database. How do I reset the admin password without knowing the old admin password while using an embedded database? I think I found the hash in the .script file but not sure what I need to use to decrypt it. Any links to other topics covering this or documentation would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.

You can change setup tag in the /conf/openfire.xml to false (stop Openfire before). Then run Openfire again and redo the setup process and then specify your new admin password. This shouldn’t harm your current database, just select the same options. You should of course do a backup (in you case just copy the whole Openfire folder) before doing this.