Lost all users and database

Hi all

I have a problem with database. Use embedded database. After restart my Ubuntu (electricity problems) I had new setup configuration, but not login page. In setup configuration on page administration i set skip step, and I lost all of users and database. It’s a possibility to restore my database?

If you had a backup.

But where is this database ? Server was only stopped about 30 minutes, and after this i just start openfire and it was new setup configuration. After 30 minutes can database gone ?

Unfortunately I don’t have backup.

In new database it is possible to add contact list (who have who on contact list) ?

Embedded database is usually in the installation folder /openfire/embedded-db. Though it can be in other places on Linux. Maybe it is not gone, but it was corrupted. When you went through a setup process again, it should preserved your old database. Can’t say what happened in your case.

Yes, you can add users, create groups, add users to groups and then share groups to other users.

Before going any further, I strongly advise you to create a full backup of everything that you have now (all files under OPENFIRE_HOME). If you haven’t lost your data yet, you won’t want to make things worse.

The embedded database is stored in files under OPENFIRE_HOME/embedded-db/

With any luck, your data is still there. There should not be a reason for those files to disappear from a running server, even when it got shutdown unexpectedly.

As for getting the setup screen: look at the OPENFIRE_HOME/conf/openfire.xml configuration file. The setup of openfire adds configuration to that file, including a tag like this to indicate that setup has been completed: true If your file looks OK (it has database settings, connection providers and such), you might want to add that tag. It should be added as a child element of the root (“jive”) tag.