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Lost conference room settings on reboot or service restart

I have used both the stable and beta versions and both appear to loose the conference rooms that were created before the reboot or service restart.

Is there a way to permanently save the conference room through a reboot or service restart?

Hey carrazy,

When you create the room you should mark that the room is persistent. Making a room persistent will make it “survive” after all the occupants left the room and even if after the server has been restarted.


– Gato

You are creating rooms via your client? So you should follow Gato’‘s advice. And when creating rooms via Admin Console all rooms are persistent and should stay. Well, at least for 7 days. If persistent room is inactive for 7 days it will be deleted. I’'m curious if this issue will be solved in 2.2.0 final? Because i have noticed recently all my rooms dissapearing and thats really annoying.


I had created the Group Chat Rooms in the Admin interface, and they all disappear when I restart the service.

Any ideas?

have you upgraded your JM installation recently? Nightly builds?

I have been running Jive Messenger as a test chat server with a few people logged in and testing it out. I have it installed on a Windows XP SP2 box and did an upgrade from 2.1.4 to 2.2 beta 1. I haven’'t yet tried beta 2 or any of the nightly builds. I figured this was a pretty basic feature. The group chat rooms show that they are persistent in the room summary page, but when I restart the service they disappear entirely. Would it help to do a clean install of 2.2 beta 2? How long before JM 2.2 is final?


i think you may have similar problems with DB:


follow the links inside

I did an uninstall of the current installation 2.2 beta 1, installed 2.2 beta 2, copied my old conf file and it fixed the problem. Not sure what might have been causing the problem, but it is now fixed.

Thanks for all the feedback

Hey carrazy,

Were you using the embedded database? JM 2.2 beta 1 had a known issue (reported by wroot ) that prevented rooms from being saved to the database. That problem was fixed in beta 2.


– Gato