Lost settings on restart

If i go through the initial setup, everything works fine. I restart the system, and I connect to the console, and it’‘s like I’‘m connecting for the first time, and it won’'t connect to the database… Is this something that people have seen before?

More info:

when it finishes the setup, it says

Jive Messenger Setup Complete!

This installation of Jive Messenger is now complete. To continue:

  1. Please restart the server.

  2. Login to the admin console.

When I restart it goes back to the setup.

The link for line 2 points to http://chat.xx.com/login.jsp?username=admin - thats a dead link.

My first guess is that the JM process doesn’‘t have write permission on the config file so it can’'t record that setup is complete. Can you check the logs/error.log file to verify?



Good point. It appears everything is root.root

I would assume that’‘s teh problem, I will post if that’'s not it… Thanks Matt

you are launching JM with root? It’'s better to have separate user. So some directories must be chowned to this user. or you can recirsively chown whole jive_messenger dir.

wroot, I think what he meant was that all the files (including the XML conf file) were owned by root:root but the server is running as jive:jive. You have to change the permissions of the jive_messenger folder to jive:jive (or whatever) for the initial setup to be saved.

I haven’'t checked, but does the RPM create the jive user and group? If so, it might be usefull to add a chmod command to the RPM spec file to use the correct permissions on the install directory.

I think heres what’'s happening:

I noticed there was a Jive user, it possibly came from jive_messenger-2.1.3.rpm, but I’‘m not 100% sure. When I installed jive_messenger-2.1.4 it seemed to be using the jive user account, as it would drop the nohup.out file into the jive user home directory; I’‘ve since removed that user account, and now when it starts up, it runs without a problem and the nohup.out gets put into /opt/jive_messenger/bin directory. I’‘m not worried about jive running as root, this is just for internal communications between users in our studio, we aren’‘t too fussed about it as it’‘s not exposed to much. I’'ll get a look later and see if I can get the 2.1.3 package again and install it to see if it does create that user or not.