Lost wrap text at window edge

I upgraded to Spark 2.7.2 Build 695 and seem to have lost text wrapping at the window edge. I don’t see anything in preferences that sets the wrapping. Any ideas?

There is no setting for wrap. It’s a bug. If i understand you see a horizontal scrollbar in the chat window. This only happens if you have a long string without spaces (e.g. url link) in the history.

I have tried to investigate this, but didn’t find a solution. What i understand, the current wrapping solution was written for Java 6. But this functionality has been changed in Java 7. And as Spark 2.7.x has Java 7/8, wrapping is not working correctly. Needs to be adjusted for Java7/8. https://igniterealtime.org/issues/browse/SPARK-1613

Thanks. You are right there was a url link in the history. Clearing history did bring back the text wrapping. Now I know how to get around the bug until someone finds the solution. I appreciate all the work being done to make this an app I use every day.

Just so you know, Spark currently doesn’t have active skilled java developers, so it can be very long until such complex issues are fixed.