Love Spark/OpenFire! But, Status doesn't update across clients

Hi all,

I’m an Admin for a larger than SMB company. They’ve been asking for an internal IM system, and based on my testing, this looks like a really powerful option! Something I could probably influence a contribution to.

One no-so-minor item that I noticed right away during my multi-endpoint testing is, when I update one client’s status, it doesn’t seem to update other clients with the new status (“Free to Chat,” “Away” “Do not disturb,” etc.) I have to assume that Spark is either slow-polling or OpenFire is using some stateful connection…not sure which, but either way, it would be very valuable if said status would be updated pretty regularly, and I don’t think it should be difficult to implement.

Just a suggestion,


Are you talking about one user logged in on a few devices at the same time? In that case i think that’s an intended behavior. Separate resources having separate status modes. Though i can’t find the exact place in xmpp specifications to point to.

Or maybe you mean that when you change your status, other contacts don’t get it instantly? Then this is an anomaly. Xmpp is not using polling for presence changes (status). It uses push, so the change should be nearly instant (it works this way for me).