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Mac Issues

  1. Preferences do not display (possibly commit) properly. If I make changes to a preference, the next time I open the preferences tab, the old preferences are shown.

  2. If the dialog window is closed I cannot enter text into the send text box once the dialog window is re-opened. This causes my clients to have to exit spark and reopen.

  3. Running debug usually crashes the client. No input is possible after running debug.

  4. There is no option to disconnect from the server. Would be nice to have this option.

  5. Registration via port 5223 brings up a message cannot communicate with server. Login works fine through port 5223

I feel your pain, I would like to use one client for all of my OS’'s but the mac client has a few BIG bugs. I have tried to mod the setting.xml and locking it but no luck here.

I’‘m on it. I was hoping to get the Mac fixes into the 1.0.4 release due out today, but it will have to wait for the 1.1 release on February 7th. However, a couple of the ones I cannot reproduce are the debugger crashing Spark and the send field becoming disabled. Any more information to help me out. I’'m running it on a MAC OSX.




The send window is the biggie that’'s got egg on my face at the office. Basically, if you chat someone and close the window with the Mac Windows Close (Red X), you can get chat windows up again but not type messages into them.

Darn… now that I try to reproduce it, I can’'t. Let me check with some folks and see if they can.

Is there a jabber chat somewhere where mac users can chat about the system… maybe reproduce these errors?

Okay… I was able to reproduce this error

Close all chat windows… When someone chats you and a new chat window is opened, you cannot enter text in the send text field.

Excellent. Thanks for the report. I’'ll get this fix for 1.1. Track with SPARK-161.


More Issues:

  1. Enabling Preferences --> Login --> “Start in System Tray” causes the Roster Window to not display.

  2. Spark has no option to disconnect from server and reconnect without quiting the client.

More Issues I’'m hearing from my users.

  1. Option to disable saving of chat transcripts is missing.

  2. File transfers is broken.

More Issues:

No option to disconnect.

Poor recognition if the connection is still online. (Change network and client looks like it’'s still online)

Another issue brought up with my users…

i can’'t find any documentation on spark that tells you how to put a line feed when typing (enter sends the message, I want a line break in the message). do you know where I could look (or do you know how it works)?

a lot of clients use ctrl-enter but it’‘s also configurable in the options. i found no such option. also using ctrl-arrow lets you recall previously typed messages so you don’'t have to type them again. no workie on sparky



More users complaining about configuration to not save chat transcripts.

Is it that they want their chats stored on the server to be moderated by management?