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Mac Mountain Lion Messages

Hi I am trying to get Openfire up and running here at my company.

One of the users has a Mac running Mountain Lion 10.8.2

She inputed the server information, username, and password

into Mac Messages and is getting a valid Jabber ID must be entered

I had her install Spark and input the same information and Spark

connected fine.

Will Mac Messages work with Openfire? is there a step or a configuration

that we are leaving out?

Any help would be greatly appreciated

I’m not familiar with Mac Messages, but you should probably specify a server somewhere, like you do in Spark. If you do, then maybe it is not enough and username should also contain server part, e.g. laura@myserver.com

We’ve seen prformance issues with Openfire when users are connecting using the Messages app. I generally push users towards Adium if they are on OS X.

Thank you for the help adding the server name to the login worked like a charm.

Will take the performance issue under advisement.

Thank you for taking the time to respond

Adding @servername to the end of the username worked for me, up until 3.9.2. Now I am completely unable to connect to my OpenFire server using the Apple’s Message client. With each attempt I receive an error stating “Messages can’t log in to travisy@ because your login ID or password is incorrect”. I have tried several different username/server combinations (eg\travisy, travisy@, and omitting the server name from the login info entirely, leaving it as travisy) with no success. I know the password is correct since I can login to the Admin Console. I’d prefer to use Messages over Adium because of all the features (video and screensharing particularly) that Messages supports. Up through version 3.9.1 everything was working great. Any thoughts or suggestions?

What about Dave and David. Are you having the same problems with 3.9.2 and Messages?

Travis, can you test with the latest nightly build. Maybe it was already fixed among the other issues. What OS you are using Openfire on? Windows, linux? This is zipped and deb packages https://igniterealtime.org/downloads/nightly_openfire.jsp

this one is for Windows http://bamboo.igniterealtime.org/artifact/OPENFIRE-NIGHTLYWINDOWS/shared/build-1 347/Project-Windows-distribution-files/openfire_3_10_0_alpha.exe

OpenFire is running on Windows Server 2012. We have several Mac users who are all unable to user the Messages client. I just updated OpenFire to the 3.10.0 build and the issue is still there. We have a Linux server that we are installing OpenFire on as well, I will let you know if that behaves any differently.

We created a new Linux server, and were still having the same issue. But after giving the server a DNS name we have been able to resolve the issue by using that and now have access to our OpenFire server via the Messages app on Mac OSX (Mavericks specifically). In order to connect, I had to ensure that my user name was followed by @IP (e.g., username@ and the server was the DNS name (e.g., openfire.business.com).

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