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Mac OSX Lion & iChat

We have Openfire version 3.7.1 and this was working fine with iChat on Snow Leopard but I have upgraded one machine to test what might break in Lion and unfortunatly iChat 6.0.1 no longer works with Openfire.

It just keeps asking for the password over and over again, login through Spark works fine but we prefer iChat.

I have tried adding “imagent” to the clients.allowed as shown on other posts but this has not helped the problem.

Does anyone have any ideas as why it no longer works as no settings have been changed client or server side apart from updating the OS?


i have an openfire server running on Lion Server; both iChat as well as Messages (beta) seem to run fine with it. Settings here are “open for all clients” and I don’t seem to have any problems.

Thanks for the reply; is your iChat on on Lion? We have iChat on show lepoard machines and it works fine but on the machines that are upgraded to Lion iChat has stopped connecting and keeps asking for the password. I’ve have also set OpenFire to “open for all clients” so a bit puzzled why upgrading caused this as the OpenFire server OS has not changed.

Thanks again!