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Macintosh Spark Client

I have attempted to download the Mac Spark client three times now and each time I run the .dmg to install it, it tells me the .dmg is damaged. I know we were able to get a working copy oa few days ago as it was installed on a co-workers Mac then.

Any ideas if the current build was changed and can someone on your end check and see if the uploaded .dmg has issues?


which dmg file did you download? the one from the downloads page from somewhere else?

The one from the download page.

I can download the client, install the client, and get it to show in my launchpad. However as soon as I click on the Spark icon on the launchpad, I get an error indicating that it is damaged and should be dragged to the trash.

This is frustrating as we use this chat medium in our corporate office and I prefer to do the majority of my work on my Mac, meaning I am rarely looking at my desktop Windows box. I need to be able to see incomming requests, etc from my users.


Maybe this will help? (ignore the ignorace about no viruses for mac, just plain hogwash)

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Freakin’ update reset the Gateway for me as well.

This fixed the issue. Thanks for the assist SnakeDoc. DirtDiver out

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