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Magyar Language Support (Hungarian)?

How would one go about enabling this?

Is there a file to edit for Hungarian if its not a simple drop, click, and restart?

You mean GUI translating, not the spellchecking support?

Try this thread http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/thread/22206?tstart=100

There are couple of answers and technics.

I would be ok doing translating, I just need to know what file to edit or make and how to reference it (and that first link that looks like it could REALLY help is broken!).

Thanks for the reference though, I’ll look through it more…


Yes, The GUI editing, don’t think I need to worry about spellcheck too much… Will just have them disable it unless that is an easy fix!

looking at the file now.

Could I propose something?

Propose? You can. Though i’m not a developer of Spark myself.

If I could get a translation for Hungarian done and get it back to someone who can include it, could we get a small patch?

Also, would you mind if we put in a little tag that says translated by our company?

As i said, i’m not a developer. WinSrev can answer this probably. Where do you want that tag and how do you think it can be displayed? If this needs to modify Spark source, then i doubt this will be accepted just for some additional language support. Translated file you can give to WinSrev to add to source code. I suggest you PM him.

Sure, i guess it wouldn’t hurt. Just PM when you want it included. Thanks.

The thought was a simple

Language translation contributed by Pridgeon & Clay, Inc.

at the beginning of the file, it would let me get away with using some resources here to get it working for our Hungary people, and its a piece of code that not many people would see anyway.

Ok, I’ll talk to someone and get to work translating it.

Just a quick question about the &'s in the file, to me they seem a little random? Could you shed a bit of light on that?

Ton of stuff in here to translate!!

Hungarian translation is 50% done. Will finish it in the next couple of days. Just let me know if u still need it.