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Mail conversation

Hi there,

One of the nice things of Google Talk is that you can get all your chat conversations into your inbox as normal e-mails (when used with GMail) is there some way to achieve that with Wildfire? If not, where’'s the wishlist ? )

Simply it could be like that: A talks to B, B answers, and so on. If there has been no activity between A and B for XX minutes consider the conversation ended and mail the conversation to both if their e-mails are available (read from user info or LDAP)

Mostly, I hate my users saving histories on their IM clients, I’'d realy prefer having all those chats saved on their mail.


Marc Fargas.


JEP-0136 (Message Archiving) allows one to store/retrieve the logs on/from the server. Unfortunately this is not yet possible with Wildfire and I like it more than storing the history on the client side. http://zeank.in-berlin.de/datasink/ is a perl-based implementation of JEP-0136.

Would you like such an option or do you prefer email in any case?


Why not both? hehe.

At the time of implementing that JEP it could have an option “Mail conversations to users when archiving”.

I like the idea of having the conversations on the mail mostly because it’'s easier to search them and to remembe “Oh I talked about that”.

But taking such approach I’‘d also add the option “Do not store conversations which have been mailed” as some people wouldn’'t like to take double space!

I’'m looking at datasink now,

Thanks for the tip,