Mail notifications in 1.1.3a

These are a welcome addition, and are working great in our environment.

Only one complaint though; I get a notification telling me I got new mail, who it’s from and the subject. However, I’ve no idea which gateway it’s from, so need to go and check googlemail, hotmail, yahoo etc to find the message.

Perhaps adding the gateway at the start of the message would help: MSNGate: You can recieved an email from blah etc.


Hrm. The general hope was that it would be obvious from what JID it was coming from or something like that. I take it it’s not panning out that way? ;D

I’m not sure I follow. When spark displays a toast popup, it’s titled ‘notification’ - unless I’m missing something there is no indication of the source JID of the message. I could check the traffic logs (if I’d enabled debugging) but it’s not the most user friendly way of doing it

Hrm. Very good point. GATE-351 (IMO, the popup ought to have -some- indicator of where it came from, but we can certainly tweak the gateway code to compensate)