Mail storage?

Hi, does a plugin exists which will store on a mailserver the log of discussions between two users ?

if joe@foo speak with dalton@bar both users should be able to find the history of their conversation on theirs mail server. I think this could be a server plugin, on “foo” for joe, and on “bar” for dalton which will mail to the user itself ths loe of all messages.

I didn’'t see JEP speaking about that, but I think this should be a good way to get closer between mail and IM nowadays, as people tend to do IM through email sometimes, of then they are login for mail to find archive of discussion who got place on IM.


on the /audit-policy.jsp page of the admin console you have the option to enable auditing of Message, Presence and/or IQ packets. They are imho stored as XML files in the logs directory, so one may find it difficult to parse them and mail the right messages.

There’'s a open source project to view the logs, see or

Maybe you are a coder and extend it by the functionality you need, currently there’'s no such plugin.