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Main office and 5 side

We big company 700+users We use openfire and spark
in main office works server openfire with AD integration. Users and groups taken from AD.
In main office its work nice, but on sides when users connected to main server directly its slow down link between sides. So we using connection manager, but its start random crushes after users more than 50.
We try hazelcast clustering main server + 5 side servers but its work very strange (no contact list, plugins dont work and etc).
Any chance to make working schema with 1 main server + 5 side server with one xmpp domain and one AD database.
Many thx!!!

The connection manager project is deprecated. I am amazed that you even were able to get it to work. Are you running a very old version of Openfire?

I suspect that you’re experiencing slow behavior because of non-optimal network connectivity between your main and satellite sites. Using the clustering plugin will only ask more of the network. I do not expect that the improve things.

You might want to consider giving each of your satellite offices a dedicated Openfire server (serving their own domain), and then have people across offices talk to each-other through server-to-server federation.

Thx for your reply.
Yeah we try many version.
We use only one big corporate AD domain i cant change it.
And people on sides it can be in one department
conveniently see people group by departments not geographic office.

So no other chance make it work in one domain?
By the way why connection manager was dropped, it very useful in situation like this?

I don’t know. That depends on what is the limiting factor that you’re running into. WIth proper network connectivity, there’s no reason why it should not work.

There simply wasn’t enough resources to maintain that project. It went unmaintained and outdated a long time ago.

what is your network look like. hub and spoke? whats your bandwidth between sites? how many users are each remote branch or site?