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Main page of igniterealtime.org

Morning (well, it is here anyway ),

For about a week now, I’‘ve been having problems viewing the front page of the site - it starts loading and I get half of the first news item, the top banner and the openfire pane and that’'s it…

I’‘m using Avant browser (on top of IE7 - IE7 on its’’ own also fails to load the page) - and yes, it does work with Firefox and I should probably use that, but…

Has there been any change to the underlying site setup in the last week or so, or should I be talking to someone other than you guys?

I’‘d upload a screenshot, but it doesn’‘t look like I can, so you’'ll just have to take my word for it

Any help/suggestions gratefully received!


When you say main page, are you referring to www.ignitereatlime.org, or www.igniterealtime.org/forums ?

The main page of the website… www.igniterealtime.org (if I’‘d meant the forum main page, I’'d have said so )


I have found this to be true as well, The flash player for slideshare never loads. This in turn prevents the rest of the main page from loading. It has to be the way you have it embeded as other slideshare embeded players work fine with IE7.


I have no problem loading the main page, probably because my browser (Firefox 2.x) does not support flash content in it’'s current configuration.