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Make conference rooms available when inactive for greater than 30 days

Is there a setting in OpenFire 3.8.1 that will permit a conference room to be browsed via discovery even though nobody has logged into it within 30 days? I have a number of rooms that I’ve set up for specific topics and the particpants will only periodically log into them - once every 60 days or so. There is mention in the discussion archives of a empytDate field in the* ofMucRoom* table as a way of making the room available through discovery. It appears to me, however, that the field only provides a value for the part of the code that makes the decision on whether the room has been in use recent enough to permit discovery.

from http://community.igniterealtime.org/docs/DOC-1061


“The server will unload from memory persistent rooms that have been empty for 30 (default) days. The room will still exist in the database and users may still join. The only consequence is that it won’t appear in the discovery list. This option is valid for prior 3.6.0 versions only. As 3.6.0 has introduced multiple conference services.”

This property has to be created in System Properties and some value has to be set. Comment says that this property is not valid anymore. Not sure about that. You can still try setting it. Say for 1 day and check if rooms start to disappear from discovery after a day. If so, then it still works and you can use it.

I tried your suggestion but the conference rooms were still there after creating the muc.unload.empty_days property and setting for a day. I made the rooms discoverable by updatingthe emptydate field with the emptydate value from an active room. Clearly, making the rooms through a SQL hack is not the answer, but it is all I have so far.

I see. The only thing i can do, is to file a ticket for bringing this option back OF-707