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Make Openfire to send messages to all active XMPP clients under same account

So that is the question, to clarify this a bit more: I would like that Openfire sends messages to all XMPP clients that are logged in under the same account and not only messages you send, but what contacts who are talking to you send as well.

So basically the scenario i would like to use it in would be this: I would leave my home computer logged in with Spark or any other XMPP client and use another XMPP client (Pidgin for example) at my work laptop away from my home. So i would have all the logs when i come home and i could save them all. There are multiple other scenarios this can be used in, but this is one.

So my question is, is it possible? If it is, how?

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Only the first part is possible by setting the system property **route.all-resources **with the value **true **in Openfire (Admin Console > Server Manager > System Properties). You will have to create this system property. Also you would have to set the same priority in both clients.

Outgoing messages won’t be logged on both clients.