Make room with persistent user using MUC

Hi , I don’t know How to make group with persistent user. I’m struggle since last month, i search lot . But i’m not getting any proper idea about it. I need to create a group.

I happy to share something what i referred still date.

We can make or create group two ways right…

  1. MUC (Multi User Chat)

next thing is,

  1. Roster Group.

In MUC, we can create a room or group, we may join the another user to group and send the message to group. Everything is done perfectly whatever i described here. Here , My issue is, users are not stay permanently in the room.

In Roster Group, i can create a group through the roster. but i don’t know how to add members to the group and send the message to group. actually what I referred is, we just send message get the user list from the roster group. then send message individually to all members. So , i don’t know Is it proper way of communication.

In our openfire console panel , i seen such a thing like Users/Groups, Even there we can create a group. i created group manually through the openfire console. I don’t know How to create like that programmatically . If there is possible create a group like that How can.

If anyone knew about it. please help me.

Thanks in advance.

i was also facing the same issue there are one more option to send message in group using multicast message but it way difficult to handle.

I have created a api using which i can create group and add memeber,remove member and all the neccessary actions.

You can also use RestApi if you need just simple algorithms you can find documents from REST API Plugin Readme and install it on your server and you will get some features

Hope it will help

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If i use RestAPI plugin . How to i send message to groups. For example: In MUC, we can send messages easily based on room name. Because , here room is a unique. instead of, Is there any option for send message in such case i used created RestAPI plugin.

and i also tried RestAPI plugin dependency file “compile 'org.igniterealtime:rest-api-client:1.1.3’”. i got an error when use this one. Error something like that merging dependency file.

I don’t know how to handle it.

If you give any example it’ll be very useful to me.

Thanks in advance!

hey don’t try to add dependency in android try to install plugin in openfire server you just need to call service as mentioned in document from android or any other platform to perform any action.

For sending message into group i have developed my own api in openfire as my need cause i need to change something in algorithm but you can use the existing one.