Making changes to Webchat.war

I have read through the site and I have seem to miss a step.

stop openfire

copy webchat.war to temp directory

remove webchat.war

remove webchat folder

extract webchat.war

make changes to a jsp file.

save jsp file.

move new jsp file to war directory.

copy webchat.war to openfire/plugins directory

start openfire.

Changes should be implemented.

Am i missing something?

The showChat from the site website works because my sessions pull the email and the username

I think that the email should show up in the url after frame main and I get the following


</script><a href="#"
500, 400);return false;">
<img src="http://dc01:9090/webchat/live?action=isAvailable&workgroup=dnltest@workgroup.dc01" border="0"></a>

jivelive.jsp (2431 Bytes)


Openfire jsp files are compiled into java classes and your modificatiosn will be ignored unless you re-compile. Run your webchat.war file from Tomcat.

Is there any useful compilers on unix for war file, or better yet, how would I compile the War file on linux?

okay I am using ant to compile it, anyone have a build.xml example?

okay I found one

I will respond if I get this working.

Hi pddnl!

You could make it work?

Thank`s man!

This did not work. Please help!