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Making Custom Emoticons

Forgive me if this is on an faq somewhere- how do I make custom emoticons? My employer uses spark and I feel it’d be fun if I were able to make my own pack and pass it around. Any place I can be directed to?

Thank you, but I want to figure out how to create my own! I believe I have that one installed, but I want to create my own images and import them into spark.

In that post there are links to zips that contain emoticons packages. By extracting these zipped packages you can learn what is the structure of emoticons pack (what files go inside, size and names of images, emoticons list file (plist), etc.). Or you can go to C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark\xtra\emoticons and see already installed packages. So then you will have to find or create your own images of a selected size and put them into a package, create your own plist file and then put that folder into your Spark profile and select that package in Spark’s preferences. You will have to add such package to every user’s Spark profile and select it in preferences.

If your question is about creating images themselves, then you can use any graphical app to create such. But it is easier to just download images from the internet. Say, i have extended POPO set with more images by downloading them, resizing into smaller size (20x20) and adding new icons into plist file.