Making users visitors in muc

How do I make some of the users visitors in a muc? I see no options on the server to configure this, only to designated them as admins, owners, members, outcasts

thank you


What do you mean by “visitors”? Maybe that’s the user who doesnt have voice permission? You can achieve that setting that room as “Moderated”. As lon as user is not a Member of that room it will not have voice permission upon entering that room.

thak you - i actually figued it out… I have another problem with viewing “user info” on participants in the MUC? I can view their “user info” from my buddy list but not on participants in a chat room?? Any ideas?

What do you mean by User info and what client do you use? Probably it’s your client not showing something.

thank you. I am using psi 0.11 and I did in fact post the same question there. You are correct it seems more likely a client problem, i just was not sure…