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Making xmpp request from web browser and handle the request using smack

Hello Everyone,

i am new in this area but not in web application. here is my problem description

I like to make an application that will use XMPP as application protocol openfire as xmpp server,

i will make xmpp message from web interface then send that request to the xmpp server and i hope xmpp server can understnad that message.

On the server side i will have a listenar class (using smack to communicate with openfire server) whose task is to listen the xmpp request and invoke different services and using another class i will send response to the user through xmpp server.

is this solution feasible ?? if not then what will be feasible solution, please let me know??



I think you will need to write a plug-in for Openfire server, because intercepting the packages inbetween the network interface and the application that listens to the port is a difficult thing. Definately not a task for smack, anyway.

can i get the information from openfire using smack?? like connection to the openfire and receive all incoming messages…

If you write a client with smack (smack is only for XMPP clients), you would still need a plug-in in Openfire that forwards the messages to it. It would be easier to do the whole thing in the plug-in.

thanks for your reply

this could work. web client sends a message:

<iq to=“smackbot@yourdomain.xy” type=“get” id=“123”>



and the smack client answers:

<iq to=“webclient@yourdomain.xy” from=“smackbot@yourdomain.xy” type=“result” id=“123”>