Malformed Domain Name Killed Server

I was changing the name of my server and i typed in servername, in the field.

Apparently this is not good :^)

The service is not starting properly (I’‘ve got it running as a service on a Win2K box) It appears to be running but can’‘t be reached by http either remotely or locally. Therefore, I can’'t change the name to anything that works via the Admin.

Can someone tell me how I might pull this off without reinstalling from scratch? Where is the name stored?

Thanks in advance


Hey billy,

Sorry to hear that. You will need to stop the server/service and make a change in the database. Try running the following SQL statement to update your domain:

update jiveProperty set propValue = ‘‘mynewdomain’’ where name = ‘‘xmpp.domain’’;


– Gato

Thanks so much for this. I actually had already found the cell in SQL after I took a second to find the proper table.

Thanks again.