Manage Openfire with Firefox 3.11

Is it possible to manage Openfire with Firefox 3.11? I know I can use IE Tab but I would prefer not to.


I doubt there are a lot of open source software bounding itself to IE Usually some proprietary software have IE only requirements. Openfire Admin Console is working fine with Firefox 3.x and worked fine with 2.x. Also it should work fine with other browsers, but i havent tried anything else for a long time.

Maybe some add-on is causing the problems. Can you try logging into Admin Console with Firefox running in Safe mode?

I’m managing openfire with both Firefox 3.0.11 (windows) and Iceweasel 3.0.6 (debian) and noticed no problems at all.

It works fine

Since I have done a ouple more reinstalls without getting java errors, it is letting me use Firefox to manage it remotely. I have not had a chance to try the server locally yet since the last reinstall. On the server not a major annoyance but the remote administration was. Using Firefox now so I am happier with it.


Managed to test it on the server and it works. Possible bad data in the DB due to earlier installs not working and IE appeared to like it when it probably ignored some things. Anyway all good now.