Managing contacts


i am using wildfire

you know when you log onto the client messager there are contact and they stay on the server

is there a way i can add multiple contacts with different with user

see i am runing a site like myspace were you can have friend

i need a way that my site could automaticly add the friends emials as contacts

where is the location were the server stores these contacts

sorry i am trying to elaberate my question the best as i can if you need any answer or infomation just be free to ask

thank you in advance

Hey Michael,

I’'m not completly sure I understand your request so let me present an example to verify that we are talking about the same request.

Lets say that userA has 3 different email addresses and somehow your server knows that userB knows userA. So what you want to do is add the 3 different email addresses of userA in the roster of userB. Is that what you are trying to do?

If the answer is yes then my answer is that that idea won’'t work. The main reason for that is that email addresses and XMPP addresses may have the same form but they are not the same thing. In other words, an email address does not represent an XMPP address. E.g. does not mean that I can send an XMPP message to the XMPP user and that it will reach the user you want.

However, another approach to your requirement could be to just add userA to userB’‘s roster and then show the information contained in userA’‘s vCard in userB’'s roster. Each user has a vCard that contains business and personal information. A vCard may have zero, one or many email addresses. Your client can get that info and show it the best it can based on your needs.


– Gato

hey thank with these idea

i am going with vcards now how do i set them up and what directory do i put them up or is there a setting you can set in adminstration

Hey Michael,

I’‘m assuming that you are going to retrieve the users’’ vcards from your client. Which client are you using? If you are you using Smack then you can use its native support for vcards that will simplify your life a lot. If you are going to implement your own vcard solution then you will want to read the vCard specification to learn how it works.

BTW, vCards are stored in the database and not in a file. However, if you are integrated with LDAP then vCards will be retrieved from your LDAP server. In fact, you can create your own vCard provider that will get the vcards information from any source that you have. Read the documentation for more information.


– Gato

ok i am using mysql as my manager but i can change it with ldap

could i use do this with mysql

i think there is a connection in mysql but there is 63 tables

it starts at jroster but i cant link it to the users

thank you so far

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Hey Michael,

could i use do this with mysql

Do what?

If clients are going to retrieve the vCards then there is no need to do some server work. However, if you are going to build some extension or plugin then the answer is yes (to whatever question you have) since you can always access the vCard information and do whatever you have to.


– Gato

sorry i left my computer to do more research and i was going to edit it but to late when you answered

like i am using mysql as my main data soure

i think there is a connection in mysql with adding user contacts on mysql

the problem is the database has 64 tables

i think the user contacts are located at jroster but i cant link it to the user

thank you so far

i know i am convinced the vcards are my solution it is mysql

well is there anyone that knows this matter