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Manual linux install for dummies?

I would classify myself as a newbie to the linux world. I am looking for a step by step installation guide for linux. the environment that I am forced at this point to use is using putty on a windows machine to connect to a linux box to do all of the configuration. The linux box is a clark connect gateway server version 3.1. Maybe I have overlooked this in the forums but was unable to locate the info needed to do this. The server does have a mysql server setup as well as apache. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Hope I can return the favor soon.

Hi billym

You are in the wrong forum. However here is the link where you can download Mandrake Linux which is very easy to set up. I started with Mandrake myself. I, myself, is still newbie.


You can go to http://mandrivausers.org/ to get more help.


i think he was talking about linux version of JM installation. There is no guide. Just download tar.gz package. You can do all the stuff through the Putty, though i’'m not familiar with Clarck Connect. You need root password of course. So, next you extract tar.gz package and put jive_messenger dir somethere (/opt/ dir in my case). Then you can try running server ("/opt/jive_messenger/bin/messenger start"), then you should try to connect to it with your browser (“http://machine_name:9090”). If you have a firewall on your linux box you should open that port (9090) i think. If you can connect to Admin Console when we can talk about startup daemon for JM.

official Documentation:


That’'s my thread about running JM as a daemon (automatic stratup on boot):


I’'m working on a step-by-step building Jive Messenger on a Slackware box documentation.

It won’'t cover any OS configuration and will assume you have a working MySQL and Java.

I was planning on releasing it with PyMSN/PyAIM/PyICQ info as well but I may release a first draft without it.

Watch the forums for links to these docs in the near future.