Many open issues/feature requests

Hey Guys

I was checking JIRA and I see there are around 300 open issues(major/minor all)!!

I was thinking as I am just starting in this project ,do you guys want me to focus on any particular feature/module first so that we can somehow reduce the numbers ?

Just a thought…

defects is such a strong word, i like to think of them as suggestions for change and betterment . I was thinking the same thing. I know there are just a few issues remaining to get 2.6.0 over the last little hump, so I’ve been directing my brain to working on the tickets associated with that. However, there are a lot in 2.7.0 that could use some attention as well. What to do, what to do.

Agreed…changed subject line.

Some time ago another two contributors joined the community. Neil and Craig. Though, they haven’t been active for a month or more. This happens. People are eager to move things forward, but as they see as things still drag, they probably are losing some of the enthusiasm. Or maybe they have other things in their life Anyway. Neil has started a thread about Spark roadmap ( and we all agreed on some things and i have created a draft of Spark roadmap - We have moved many tickets to 2.7.0, to be able to push 2.6.0 as soon as possible, because there was no release for years and most users are thinking that this project is dead. So i think it is better to concentrate on 2.6.0 tickets (there are even 2.6.1 already). Of course it is not forbidden to take on some 2.7.0 issues, if you know the way to fix them

I feel like i’m |–| close to figuring out the stealing focus issue

Hi wroot.

I’m still here and lurking, I’m kind of in wait-and-see mode. I plan on becoming a bit more active once we’ve actually released 2.6, starting by trying to organize our strategy and planning process.