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Many Reconnects per day


I set up openfire 3.6.4 on a eisfair server. With clients on PC there are no problems, but on some Mobile Devices there are reconnects every 10 min.

  1. Nokia E75 with slick : No reconnects.

  2. HTC Herald ( o2 xda terra ) and HTC Guide with different clients ( slick,pigeon ) : disconnect after approx. 10 min and directly connect again. I increase the value of

conversation.idleTime up to 14400 and now the reconnects appears nearly every 1,5 hours.

Is the value xmpp.client.idle still in use on version 3.6.4 ?

Thanks for help in advance.

Yes, the xmpp.client.idle setting is still in use. It is used to detect clients that are disconnected, without properly logging off.

Clients can prevent being disconnected after a long time of being idle, by regularly sending data. A whitespace character will do the trick, without messing up the XML flow.

It appears that some of the clients that you are using, do not regularly send data if the user does not do anything for a while.

But the strange thing is that the same software ( slick ) behaves totally differrent on Symbian plattform and Windows Mobile plattform.

Does anybody know a mobile client for Windows Mobile 6 that supports jabber and sending whitespace caracters to prevent cont. logging off.

In Pigeon is a function to sent pings every x minutes but it seems that it is not working.

I experience the same problem with numerous reconnects on a Blackberry-based client as well. We definitely will use the whitespace keep-alive method for now, but just not sure what would be the optimal interval to send those packets? Smartphone battery is a precious resource and I would like to be as efficient about it as possible.

Also, just curious, what other server properties/routine implementations, on top of “xmpp.httpbind.client.idle” cause this problem? I would be willing to dig deeper into the server code and work on this more, as the cost of each reconnect on a phone client is horrendous…

Not only a reconnect is costly, also re-initializing the antenna could be quite costly. This greatly varies on model and brand though. A two minute interval should be good default setting on most phones, though.