Mass message line break

Hello community.

I do not know if it is a problem already presented, but I bring here a problem that I found that has been presenting in the latest versions.

The option in Openfire (Sessions -> Tools -> Send Message), when it receives in Spark, the sent message appears all unconfigured, without the line breaks applied in the original message.

The problem is in Spark, because machines that are with old version behave correctly!

See the attached example.

Yes, this is a known issue tracked here [SPARK-1759] Broadcast from admin dialog should have a fixed size with a word wrap - IgniteRealtime JIRA

It was introduced by adding support for URL links in administrator’s broadcast. For which it has to use JTextArea instead of JTextPane. JTextPane can do wrap easily with just one additional line of code. But it is tricky with JTextArea and i wasn’t able to figure out. We need a good Java GUI programmer to help on that (add JScrollPane with wrapping maybe, though scrolls will not look pretty either).

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Btw, i have just tested with 2.7.6 version and it wasn’t doing text wrapping either.

And why not using the Spark itself to send broadcasts? Using Actions > Broadcast message and selecting all online users?

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Thank you very much for your information.

In my case display as ALERT is not the problem, because I use this feature precisely for this, to alert the company employees about occurrences in the IT department.

Thanks also for the tip I will test it!

Thank you.