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Matrix bridge recommondation?

Hey… I’d like to bridge xmpp network to matrix network.
Is there someone with some experiences?

Maybe this https://github.com/ma1uta/matrix-jabber-java-bridge could be a good starting point…

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@guus do you have a good idea how to implement such a bridge?

I’ve read that the matrix protocol is based on https requests + json payload.
So on the matrix side i would use a jetty webcontext which would pretent to be a matrix server and for the xmpp side i would use iq-,message-,presencehandlers?
Then in theese handlers we would decide on the domainpart if the receiver is a matrix opponent or not and send the http requests… the other direction is some kind of parsing the json and translate it to xmpp and send it through the router…?

Could u explain shortly how the kraken plugin is working?

I have no solid understanding of Matrix, so I cannot comment on that.

The Kraken plugin (which has been defunct for many, many years) is an implementation of XEP-0100: Gateway Interaction. Basically, it registers your account on a remote ‘legacy’ (non-XMPP) service, and translates every applicable XMPP stanza that is addressed to the legacy service to the protocol of that service, and vice versa.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed working on such protocol translations, but without continuous effort (and thus: funding), it is next to impossible to maintain: both protocols evolve over time, and the transport implementation must follow. Users also tend to end up with only basic functionality: that what is the common denominator of both protocols and is easy to translate. State is notoriously hard here.

The goal is to keep it limited to textmessages, chatstates/chatmarkers and file transfer to 1on1 and mucs.

I will take a look into it… maybe i could create something usefull stuff…