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Max concurrent users graph in admin console

While doing some load testing on 3.4.0 beta using a custom client I put together using the Smack API, I noticed that the enterprise plugin is not correctly detecting max concurrent users. I had 500 users logged into MUC rooms to simulate what happens on our site, and you can see the packets per minute went up very high, while max concurrent users stayed at 2. Here is a screenshot of the admin console:

After letting the tester run for a while at 500 users, it did pick them up, but the weird thing is that I had the tester running for quite some time last night and the count still stayed at 2. This is probably a minor issue, but I figured I should report it.

Hey Ben,

Yep, changes are not quickly picked up by the statistic module but they will eventually appear. Let us know if that is not the case.


– Gato