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Max Connections

Is there a way to change the max connections?

You can edit this value directly in the openfire.xml file found in the folder openfire\conf. You should not need to alter these from their defaults. This number is just the max number of simultaneous connections to the database by the openfire server to write back data. This is not the number of clients that can connect. This has little to no bearing on the number of users logged in to your openfire server.

So if you have 150 on your network, only 25 people can send IM’s at a time?

No… Like I said that number has little to nothing to do with your number of users. That is the openfire server talking to the database server. This is write data like new user registration, profile changes, etc. Mine is et to the defaults and has been running fine with 170+ users at a time. There are others that have thousands of users they may have had to tweek this but I doubt it.

Thank you

Your welcome…

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im not understanding. I have the same issue, only 25 can connect at a time, SQL is set to unlimited connections. What am i missing? Please advise.