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Max. posible connexions?

Hi all,

Is there any feedback about how maximum connexions JM can support with Smack clients based on?



Hi Alex,

While there is no real Messenger benchmarks to point to, on proper hardware Messenger should be able to support several thousands simultaneous connections. In order to support larger installations s2s could be utilized to spread the load over a two or more servers. Messenger, like every other Jabber/XMPP server out there doesn’'t support true clustering but that is something that is planned for a later version.

How many connections were you wanting to handle?



Hi Ryan,

I need between 50 / 5000 (or more if possible) connexions…


Hey Alex,

With proper fine tuning the server should be able to handle 5K simultaneous connections. Anyway, there is a plan to implement a routing solution that will let the server scale several hundred of thousands of connections but we still didn’'t have time to implement it. Let us know if this is a priority to you so we can try to find out a solution.


– Gato