Max Users supportable?


I have a wildfire server running on an Intel Pentium 4 @ 3.00 GHz and 512MB of RAM.

Can I support a maximum of say 1000 users(not necessarily concurrently)?

If not , is there a way this can be done?

Thanks in advance


how much memory can Wildfire use? With 300 MB you may handle 150 - 400 concurrent users, depending on the roster size etc.



I’‘ve allocated 300MB for wildfire.I’'ll need to support a little over 400 users , may be 500-600.

But even with 2 users I get a 52% memory usage! Does it stagnate later or will it keep increasing?

Could I reduce the load on the server by storing the roster info in another external DB?


Because this is a Java program, Java pre-allocates the memory you have alloted it. SQL servers do the same thing.

That memory is most likely still “free” for Java to use. You most likely won’'t see any further increase, if you do you may want to check for memory leaks and the like.


which settings did you use for Xms, Xmx, PermSize, … ?

If you set Xms=Xmx you can allocate 300 MB just after startup.


Sorry for the delay in the reply

INSTALL4J_ADD_VM_PARAMS="-Xms256m -Xmx300m"

These are the lines that I added after I found the help on one of the forum topics.

I am not aware of the PermSize variable , what does it do?


please see for PermSize - setting it to 30 MB will make sure that the JVM can use these 30 MB without the need to extend this heap. So there’'s no need to set it.

With Xms256m the JVM will use about 300 MB just after startup, the web page mentioned above describes how to monitor and tune the java heap usage.



I '‘ve not put the PermSize variable as you’'ve directed.I guess the setting works for now , the usage has dropped by a considerable extent to about 20% now.May be I should test it by inviting some more users over

Thank you