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Maximum concurrent users limit

Hi all,

I’‘m evaluating Wildfire doing some load tests on it. I’'m running a script which registers a number of users and then connects them to the server, and when I reach 61 users connected, the server does not accept more connections.

I’'m using Windows 2003 server, and running the tests from a linux machine.

My questions are:

Is this the limit of simultaneous users?

How can I configure the server to allow more connections?

Thanks in advance,

Sergio G.

Hi Sergio,

you should check the used memory on page http://server:9090/index.jsp and create a vmoptions file as described in documentation/install-guide.html.

I recommend 1 MB for every user, so eg. Xmx500m for 500 users but this depends a lot of the used features, database, …


Hey Sergio,

What exactly happens when connection number 62 tries to connect to the server? Is there any error in the log files? Are you using Smack to generate stress on the client? Some clients will let you open a debugger window where you can see the XML traffic. Could you post the XML when a client fails to connect to the server?

BTW, the server should be able to handle 62 connections even with default settings. Since you are using Windows then you may find this link useful: url=http://support.microsoft.com/?scid=kb;en-us;314882Inbound connections limit in Windows XP[/url].


– Gato

As i’‘m having over 100 concurrent connections every day with only 64MB RAM with default settings and without problems, so… What’'s my point? That it should work.



Hey guys!

Thanks for your posts…

LG: I have added the vmoptions file to set the minimum heap size but there is no difference in the number of users that are connecting.

Gato: It does not happen anything when the 62nd connection tries to connect. The test script just freezes and I get no logs at the client nor at the server. For the tests I’'m using jabbertest suite (http://jabbertest.sourceforge.net/), do you know any sample code for making the tests using Smack?

wroot: thanks for your interest… it sould work but it doesn’'t

The news are that I have done the tests simmultaneously from two linux machines, connecting to my w2k3 server and now I get 61 connections from each client machine (122 connections in total). I guess if I’‘d use another machine I’‘d get also 61 connections from there so I’'m starting to think that the test method is what is failing…

Any ideas?

Thanks again,


Hi Sergio,

what do you want to test? It’'s possible to create 1000 connections from one client to Wildfire without problems, Gato does indeed have a test suite. I wonder if you are hitting a jabbertest bug. What happens if you start this test suite two or three time on the same linux client?



If I start the tests from two linux consoles I get a total of 61 connections (30/30 more or less). It seems the number of incoming connections from a single IP it’'s limited to 60 which sounds reasonable…

What I need to test is if the server supports around 500 users on a windows 2003 environment but I’'m open to any suggestion of stress testing considering that I will have around that number of users.




We definitely don’'t restrict connections by IP address. Is it possible that your Win2003 box is for some reason? Or, could this be an issue with your testing framework?

In any case, handling 500 users should be no problem – scaling to several thousand shouldn’'t make Wildfire break into much of a sweat. One idea: try testing Wildfire on a different server. That might help isolate if this is a problem with this particular Win2003 box or the test scripts.