Maximum connection number of Proxool


I’m using Openfire 3.6.3 on RedHat 5. But we get a lot of this error recently:

2009.03.04 09:44:24 [org.jivesoftware.openfire.reporting.stats.RrdSqlBackend.exists

(] Error while accessing information in database: java.sql.SQLException:

ConnectionManager.getConnection() failed to obtain a connection after 11 retries. The exception from the last attempt is

as follows: java.sql.SQLException: We are already in the process of making 11 connections and the number of simultaneous

builds has been throttled to 10

After some research, I figured that Openfire is using Proxool for DB connection pooling. I want to change the Porxool parameter “simultaneous-build-throttle” to something like 50, but no idea how to change it in Openfire.

So does anybody know that how to change Proxool parameters in Openfire? Thanks in advance.